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 Can I sell your goods in my own store and order at wholesale prices?  7/21/2009  by  Boutique Owner
Yes! Most of the items in our online store are available for wholesale. All we require is for you to register for a wholesale account.
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 How can I check the status of my order and its shipping progress?  6/5/2007  by  Customer Service
To check the status of your order sign into your account. This link is located on both the top and bottom of our site.....
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 How do I redeem an offer code, coupon and or Gift Certificate?  9/2/2007  by  Customer Service
To redeem special offers, customers must enter the coupon/offer code/Gift Certificate during checkout. After entering the code(s), offer adjustments will be made to eligible orders at checkout.
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 How to be our FAVORITE CUSTOMER and FAN!  5/11/2013  by  Tristan Christopher
The best way to be an outstanding customer is to appreciate unique art and open to embrace variations and....
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 May I return my items?  8/20/2007  by  Customer Service
We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship for 14 days from the date you receive them on.
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 My order has shipped but I still can't track it, why?  3/24/2008  by  Loyal Customer
Depending on the carrier, tracking information may not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive your shipping confirmation email.
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 Shrinking & Fading  1/22/2009  by  Artist
Your pants have been prewashed multiple times. Your items will not shrink and will acquire a vintage patina/worn look after washing to give that weathered chic look and super soft cotton feel.
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 Washing & Care Instructions  1/22/2008  by  Fabric Consultant
Cold Machine Wash Separate the First time and Regular Dry.
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 When will my order be shipped?  3/5/2007  by  Customer Service
Dear Wonderful Clients of mine, be sure to check the ship date and current processing times for each product. You can view this information located right below the price. Your upfront payment guarantees your position on our studio rack on a first com
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