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How to be our FAVORITE CUSTOMER and FAN!
 5/11/2013  by  Tristan Christopher
We hope that you appreciate the unique piece we made for you by loving the subtle variations and embracing the idea that each piece is literally made one at a time by a single artist or designer. Knowing that the art you are wearing had a lot of love and energy put into it. Realizing that if one of your first thoughts was for instance, "This green is not forest green its more jade" or "I don't like where this picture is on my butt" or "Not so sure if I can wear these loud puppies" if your thoughts revolve around design choices, wear them anyway around as you would. You will be surprised on how 5-10 compliments a day (no joke!) on your pants will change some of the "fickle" thoughts I know I get. Trust our work, we wouldn't send anything we didn't love, or wouldn't wear with pride, ourselves. Sometimes it just takes a friend or family to tell ya how awesome they look.

If in fact the pants don't grow on ya, and you are one of the 0.89%, we will gladly issue you a store credit or exchange. Please remember to approach your critiques and reasons for return or dislike as if your were speaking to an artist, a person, a soul who cares and is attached to their work. Be kind, even if you are disappointed, remember we share the same vibe with you, we love our art and when someone else doesn't, well, it's grey clouds for us too!

Thanks for being the outstanding customers we love and work for. We save our time for you and you only! We do not cater to meanies, people who want cookie cutter products, or those who do not enjoy our items.

So, So much Gratitude,
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