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When will my order be shipped?
 3/5/2007  by  Customer Service
Dear Wonderful Clients of mine, be sure to check the ship date and current processing times for each product. You can view this information located right below the price. Your upfront payment guarantees your position on our studio rack on a first come first serve bases. We can not be held responsible for missing any specific dates or ETA's such as birthdays, and boutique events.

It may take 24-48 hours to respond to order inquires, please do not think we have forgotten about ya or that we are taking our sweet time to respond.


Thanks truly for your order and support, and for taking the time to read and AGREE to our ORDER POLICIES and DELIVERY NOTICES. Due to unprecedented demand for 18 months straight, we can only accept orders from clients that are fully aware of, and content with, even happy with their order arriving up to 60 days from date of purchase, yes 60 days.  

However, 90% of our orders arrive within 16-24* days. Your upfront payment guarantees your place in our client lineup. If this time frame is not doable for you, please notify us ASAP, we may need to cancel your order.

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